In such a busy world it no wonder we sometimes feel overwhelmed, lost, or not know how to begin making changes, and even more so after experiencing a loss of innocence or life changing events. Our mind and body can become hypervigilent or disconnected, making it difficult for us to follow a logical or rational thought process; due to feeling confused, overwhelmed, or shut down. When our nervous system is in a heightened or reduced state of function we need to find ways of regulating this again. Even more so for those of us who are empaths, highly sensitive people, or neurodiverse.

Finding the right person to work with or talk to and through this disconnect, is a good starting point. I know, through my own lived-experiences, how hard it can be to start talking, through a fear of not knowing where to start or how to stop once you get started. Finding that right person, who you can feel relaxed with is key to insights and progress.

In my work with individuals and those in a relationship, we find a way into presence and consciousness by regulating your nervous system, and taking things at the right pace for you. At times, this pace might be even slower than you want to go. Slowing things down is so important for us to feel and re-member with ourselves again.

My sessions with you are heart and person-centred, in my private studio, or outside in nature to keep our energy grounded. I recognise how important it is for you to feel securely held in a space which serves to keep your mind and body active but not over-activated, so you can focus on gently staying or getting back in touch with you mind, body, wants and needs.

I recognise how, for some people, taking this step can feel worrisome, after all it is a big step telling the story of how you came to be where you are, especially with somebody you might have never met before. It is a natural response to want to preserve your privacy when feeling activated, and I do everything in my power to maintain your dignity in a gentle nurturing environment. We only go to places you want to and if I sense we are moving too quickly we will pause to take stock of whether this is inline with your intent for our session. 

My offerings have been personally, intuitively and gently composed to provide a space and opportunities for you to process and integrate whatever you need, so you can reset or transform a part of your inner or outer landscape to suit your wants and needs, and step into the power and strength you were born with.

Each journey I offer harnesses the core skills and power of the following:

MINDFULNESS to keep ourselves grounded

MEDITATION to help us to connect mind, body & spiritual connections

REIKI to help us align our mind-body with the world around us

COACHING & COUNSELLING SKILLS to make sense of our thoughts and plan how to get what we need and want, through planning and making new steps

MANIFESTING to create the life we need, want, and deserve

BREATHWORK to gently support your processing, healing, and integration of the experiences stored in your body and expand your feeling of security and empowerment

You can choose whether we work online or in-person in my private studio in Sevenoaks, we might occasionally walk whilst talking too when in-person, some people choose a combination of all of these ways to work with me, around their own schedule and circumstances.



During this 45-minute journey I will support you to learn or remember how to speak your truth and heal the disconnection between your mind and body.

The CONNECT journey is perfect for those wishing to begin to connect and explore to how their mind and body is responding to previous, current, or potential experiences, and begin healing any existing wounds or expanding into the power your were born with.

Exchange: £45



During this 70-minute journey I will support you to learn or remember how to speak your truth and heal the disconnection between your mind and body.

The SHIFT journey works well for those who have began to explore their inner world and how their mind and body responds to the outside world, and now wish to deepen their experience and consciousness into a secure world of change, beginning to plan next steps and how to truly step into their purpose.

Exchange: £70



During this 2.5 hour journey I will support you to devote the space, unashamedly, to you entirely. We will work to expand your mind and body beyond your physical presence, to connect to your higher and take this with you into the world.

The GROW journey is for indulgent self-devotion, the perfect gift to yourself to enlighten, connect, and really move through the changes and healing your mind and body deserves. This is the ultimate journey for those who recognise the necessity and value in the work.

Exchange: £150

At a time when everyone is stressed, even children, how do we navigate and step into our natural ability to survive healthily?

Woman typically come to me asking for support because they fundamentally know something needs to change and are unsure what needs to happen.

Sometimes they are aware of what parts of their life are creating this feeling, and sometimes they do not know. Feeling stuck, wanting to hide, or run away, unsure how or who to ask for support, sometimes feeling overwhelmed, disorganised, confused or unable to cope or function like you used to.

Working together, women only, through this intensive journey of discovery or remembrance to reclaim and restore our inner sense of safety, power, strength, and resource, after experiencing events in our life which have led to you feeling loss or grief for something which was either taken from you or did not even realise was yours to give away.

You might have tried conventional methods of trying to heal this void in the past and could feel more stuck than ever right now.

We will work with intensive self-protection and resourcing though mindfulness, meditation, reiki, and energy healing, breathwork, and manifesting. I will be teaching ways for you to recognise when each of these will be helpful for your connections and development.

Maybe you are ready to feel the realness of your raw self but cannot find a place to begin to explore this.

Exchange: £444