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Are you looking for a space to meet other holistically like-minded people?

Wanting to find friends who wholly accept you and your individuality?

Waiting to meet your tribe?


As humans we need secure connected spaces with our tribe to support our health, growth and process experiences as safely as possible. Sometimes, we can find it difficult to know how to reach out for support, and find or offer a listening space. Life and our individual experiences can condition us to behave anywhere on a spectrum from feeling shutdown from understanding ourself and our needs, having the words but not the confidence to share, or oversharing. These experiences of trying but not feeling confident in these spaces, can take us back to our childhood experiences of family, school and social gatherings, and feeling uncomfortable or indifferent.

In a world where we, now, quite oten feel silenced abut our experiences, views, and opinions it can feel hard to feel part of a community built on foundational growth.

Attending my community gatherings can support you to develop healthy relationships and sharing capabilities, so you can have your wants and needs met both in circle and other areas of your life.

In the gentle container of the community spaces and circles I offer you can give yourself full permission to explore yourself, connections with others and process thoughts and feelings in a space, guided by openness and loving acceptance. We welcome and celebrate diversity, quirks, and kooks.

My priority is giving people the opporunity to be in the right space. If finances are getting in the way of you attending, please do get in touch with me, I offer a small number of concessions and free places.