Firstly, you might never have heard these terms before and it is important to state these are not "diagnoses", they are ways of experiencing the world around you.

As an empath and HSP, I recognise and understand the uniqueness of experiences and challenges that present for us whilst being super intuitive and attuned to the sensory environment, energies and emotions around us, including those of other people. For most of my own life, I felt I was always enmeshed in others emotions and experiences and did not know how to seperate myself from them, and actually did not want to for some time as this felt uncomfortablly comfortable and familiar. Over time, I felt more and more stressed and unable to support anyone else due to taking on so much responsibility for others emotions and experiences. I became hyper-sensitive to sounds, smells, textures, and unable to function due to feeling entirely overwhelmed everywhere. I just did not know where to begin to feel like me again.

As an empath or HSP, you are likely to have spent a long time wondering why you can't just be with your own emotions or be able to cope with things other people seem to be able to. Much of the time we can try to fit in but wind up feeling exhausted after being with other people or in public spaces, as it just feels so overwhelming. 

HSP's tend to be introverts, wishing to spend much of their time alone, at home or in very small family or social groups in a quite space. Empaths can be introverts or extroverts. Often misunderstood and misplaced in society, we can seek medical diagnoses for our experiences, and it is not uncommon for us to have neurodivergent diagnoses and complex trauma histories. Furthermore, it is also highly possible that you are intuitivey attuned to the extrasensory perceptions and spiritual realms, having clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsensient, or other psychic abilities. You are likely to be drawn towards healing work too, whether this is in the mainstream health services as a carer, nurse, psychologist, psychotherapist, counsellor, osteopathy, chiropractic work or occupational therapy, or in alternative or complementary therapies such as reiki, shamanism, reflexology, or sound healing. Many empaths and HSPs also have experience of being in relationship with others who display narcissistic traits or destructive narcissism; there are many articles about these abuse and dependent dynamics available online, including my own blogs.

For me, being both an HSP and Empath is at times confusing, I crave being out somewhere busy and social, however do not always want to go out and sometimes feel overstimulated in these spaces, then start to behave "too much". As I was growing up I was always told I was "too much",  "too sensitive", "too loud", etc. I didn't know how to manage all of the senses I experienced and became quite self-destructive for a while. Since being able to identify what I want and need, life has become much easier and more tolerable, and I can now use my intuitive perceptions to my own and others benefit.

My aim is to provide a safe and supportive space where you can explore your sensitivity, gain a deeper understanding of yourself, and develop the tools and practices to navigate life with ease. I offer a range of workshops, groups, and individual sessions to help you connect with your inner wisdom, harness your intuitive gifts, and cultivate emotional resilience. Discover the power of embracing your empathic nature and embark on a transformative journey towards greater self-acceptance, balance, and fulfillment.